Our Vision

We, from Martin Way Methodist Church, are a community that encourages people to:

Worship by being a Christ-centred community where everyone worships God through a variety of worship styles that are relevant to the needs of all people and the challenges of our times.

Grow by being a safe community that enables everyone to have a personal daily relationship with Jesus through worship, study and prayer as well as providing a place where everyone can reach their full potential, whether it is through performing arts, social gatherings or other activities or callings.

Serve by being a safe hub of social and community life where an open and friendly welcome invites everyone to share in the excitement and challenge of the Christian journey in a loving and supportive environment; by providing good quality meeting facilities and community activities for different age groups; by exercising pastoral care to the housebound and those who come onto our premises for whatever reason; and by providing a quiet welcoming space for healing rest, reflection, renewal, meditation.

Share by being a place where Christians growing in their faith are engaging in mission by looking beyond our walls and, working alongside other churches in the neighbourhood, opening our hearts and homes for people to share the love of God.

The full Vision Statement may be downloaded from our Publications page