Martin Way Methodist Church

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission. Its witness is in the sort of community that it is, including the welcome that it offers to others. It is the Methodist Church’s intention to value every human being as part of God’s creation and to be a place where the transformational love of God is embodied. Source: The Theology of Safeguarding.

Who we are

Ours isn’t a large church community but it has a big heart.

Believing all people to be made in the image of God – and therefore of equal value and worth – we take seriously our calling to be as welcoming, inclusive, and caring a church as possible.

We long to be a community in which people build one another up in love and so are deeply committed to providing a safe place in which people of all ages and backgrounds are enabled to grow and flourish. This very much includes our children, young people and any who are vulnerable. Safeguarding is an integral part of our life and ministry.

Our church is available for the marriages of all couples. We have engaged with the Honest Church campaign and registered with Dignity and Worth . Please read our LGBTQ statement here.

Food plays a vital role in our communal life. Indeed, we say that our mission is ‘to feed people in body, mind and spirit’.

Longing to be good stewards of creation, and desiring to share what we have with others, we are taking steps to respond both to the climate and cost-of-living crises through our Community Garden Project and food surplus café, The Open Table. We are delighted that our premises are home to local charity Christian Care Association, Merton.

In addition to those activities already mentioned, we provide several valued services to the local community including a weekly Coffee Morning (“Coffee and Chat”) and a fortnightly Lunch Club.

We meet to worship God together every Sunday at 10:30 am – with “Sunday Club” meeting concurrently for children of all ages during school term times, except on those Sundays when we all come together for worship in a café setting.

We would be delighted to welcome you, should you ever choose to join us.

Where we are

Our church is situated in the London Borough of Merton and serves the community of Morden as well as Merton Park, SW19 and parts of SW20. Morden is probably best known for being the southern terminus of the Northern Line on the London Underground.

We belong to the Methodist Church of Great Britain and take our place in the Wimbledon Circuit, alongside four other local Methodist churches in this part of Southwest London.

This website contains information about the life of our church, which we hope you will find interesting.