A Letter from Brenda

Dear Friends,

I love my garden and I've been watching the new buds bravely popping their heads out into the cold miserable weather we've been experiencing over what seems to have been an endless winter! Where's spring you might say. Even as we celebrated over the Easter weekend the coming of new life and thinking about the spring flowers, the baby chicks and lambs being born at this time of the year; the skies were invariably cloudy and dull with endless episodes of rainfall. However, only this weekend we saw the beginning of what is to come, sunshine and warmth brightening and lifting our spirits. New growth of tiny leaves, buds and blossom are suddenly bursting into life displaying colour and beauty so long awaited!

This reminds me that although we all experience at times, cloudy days and darkness in our lives, we have a loving and Risen Saviour right there beside us. He'll never let us down but will lift us above the depths of our despair through those cloud ridden days towards new life and a brightness that only He can provide.

We are reminded we are still in the season of Easter for a few more weeks until Pentecost when, of course, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. But of course, for us, unlike 2000 or so years ago, we've had the benefit of knowing and being blessed by the gift of the Holy Spirit that gives us the strength and the faith to enable us, like the new shoots of spring, to blossom and grow into the people God has planned us to be.

I've been listening to the spring bird song lately, not only in my garden, but also standing still in sheer wonder at the incredible diversity of their song as I walk the dog over the common each day. How sad, I wonder to myself are those joggers with ear phones covering their ears and rushing on by without being able to appreciate the beautiful sound of the birds or notice the new growth that's surrounding them.

Our God has created an incredibly astounding and diverse world that so many seem only to just take for granted, until of course, something goes radically wrong. War, hatred, power and conflict are all too often apparent especially today with chemical weapons in the mix.

My message today would be for each one of us to take time out, listen to the birdsong, notice the new growth, and appreciate God's outstanding creation and above all, remember no matter how dismal or dark the day may seem, God's eternal light shines upon us embracing and empowering us with his never ending love.

May God's blessing be with you each and every day.