Our History

Methodism officially opened its doors in Martin Way on 15 September 1934, after more then two years of preliminary planning and consultation. Gifts toward the building which is now the church hall ranged from a single anonymous donation of £1,000 to a gift of three shillings (fifteen pence) collected in the shape of 144 farthings. The total cost including the purchase of the site, was £4,675 15s 8d.

The opening was conducted with great ceremony and rejoicing and the first sermon was preached by the young Rev Donald Soper, MA PhD.

This building served its large congregation well for twenty three years and after much fund raising and help from the War Damage Compensation paid to Upper Tooting Church, the stonelaying for the new church was performed on 14 September 1957 and the official opening was on 10 May 1958.

The church was consecrated by Rev George H Simpson, the then Chairman of the South West District, assisted by Rev Erastus Evans, who had done much of the early negotiating and planning during his ministry at Martin Way.

A local newspaper report in March 1934 spoke of a Church “…which will be a centre of spiritual activity and a local landmark worthy of this purpose”. For this we continue to work and we pray that our redevelopment will enable more people in the community to become part of Martin Way Methodist Church.

Ministers at Martin Way

Dates Minister Dates Minister
Before 1934 Rev A C Parker 1950/52 Rev H C Veale
1934/35 Rev B Dewhurst 1952/56 Rev E Evans
1935/36 Rev C C Wilkes 1956/57 Rev L Procter
1936/39 Rev G Maskell 1957/60 Rev D Inman
1939/41 Rev W H Brackenbury 1960/68 Rev G Baugh
1941/44 Rev E S Nodded 1968/70 Rev D Knighton
1944 (Sept) Rev J Taylor 1970/74 Rev R Walters Dunstan
1944 (Oct) Rev D Holwell 1974/78 Rev Ewart Wilson
1944 (Nov/Dec) Rev T L Jones 1978/85 Rev Hedley Lyddon
1945 Rev J Maybe 1985/95 Rev Philip Moore
1946 Rev John Vivian 1995/2000 Rev David Chapman
1946/49 Rev G R Hostelow 2000/2003 Rev Anne Rusbridge
1949/50 Rev R K Walker 2003/2008 Rev John Nyota
2008 Rev Paul Timmis