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Sunday service broadcasts

We may not be able to gather as we normally do, but we are still here if you need prayerful or practical support, for which you can contact us by email via support@martinway.org.uk

In these days of Coronavirus, the Methodist minister, Revd Paul Timmis, of Martin Way and Christ Church with St Philip, Worcester Park, the Revd Stephanie Nadarajah, the Anglican vicar of Christ Church with St Philip, the Revd Emma Cusack of Ruxley and Stoneleigh and Deacon Dawn Canham of the Lantern Methodist Church prepare services for broadcasting either live on Facebook or on Zoom or YouTube.

Services at Martin Way

Whilst still under lock-down, services at Martin Way will be delivered via Zoom with Paul and local preachers taking part. The services will start at 10.30am.

Date Preacher Link to FB
07Feb Revd Paul Timmis Service
14Feb Brenda Cannon Transfiguration
21Feb Revd Paul Timmis Lent1
28Feb Valerie Ashcroft Lent2
07Mar Revd Paul Timmis
14Mar Viv Newitt
21Mar Tony Loft
28Mar Valerie Ashcroft
04Apr Revd Paul Timmis
11Apr Prerecorded Circuit Service
18Apr Brenda Cannon
25Apr Revd Paul Timmis

Please note that services at Christ Church with St Philip will continue to be led at 10am by Steph and Paul in turn via their Facebook Page (Christ Church with St Philip). You are, of course, welcome to tune in.

Lectionary - Year B

Week commencing 28th February 2021

Clicking on the Bible reference below will display the full bible text in another window courtesy of BibleGateway

Take 5

The Revd Chris Morley, who has led worship at Martin Way on a number of occasions, has started venture, called “Take Five”. Each daily thought is a suggestion for how each of us might grow spiritually and come closer to God by reflecting that day on a particular theme. He is inviting people to Take Five minutes each day to join him in this either on YouTube or Facebook.

A Prayer for our Lent…

Sovereign Lord,
your hand has touched
the dry bones of our faith,
your Word has breathed
new life where there was death,
your spirit raised
us up from where we lay
your love has brought
us home and to your Cross,
and by your grace
we stand forgiven, free.

© John Birch, faithandworship.com


You may or may not know that we also have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with what else is happening in our church family. It can be accessed by clicking on the small blue Facebook logo wherever it pops up on this site or by visting www.facebook.com/martinwaymethodist or by searching for @martinwaymethodist in a browser or on Facebook itself.

Stories of Hope

We all like a good story and inspite of this year being a washout due to “you-know-what” there are some good stories out there among the tragedies that have occured. As part of the Methodist Church #GodIsWithUs campaign for Advent you are invited, to quote their website “read a new story about an individual’s journey through this year. These stories include people who have felt the painful effects of isolation this year, who have experienced insecurity, who have struggled with poor mental health, who have lost loved ones – like so many millions of others. But ultimately, incredibly, God’s loving presence offers them powerful hope.”

Find out how by reading a new story as it is unlocked each day, just like an Advent calendar, at findingourhope.co.uk.

Reading other people’s stories can be uplifting but may also be upsetting. If you want to speak to somebody, or you need other help, we encourage you to go to that website’s “Need help?” page and use the relevant links which take you a range of expert support services.


Because the situation and guidance is constantly under review we are examining those guidelines as they are published and will attempt to keep you updated as to the situation regarding opening the church for worship and for lettings. At the moment, the church remains closed for worship but some lettings are being allowed back subject to an approved Risk Assessment.

To check what you can and can’t do under the latest guidelines please refer to the Government’s website at Government’s FAQ website.

Above all “Stay Safe”. These are unprecedented and trying times but with God’s help we will pull through.


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