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Christian Aid Appeal

The Coronavirus outbreak threatens the health of our neighbours near and far. Together we must respond quickly to help the most vulnerable.

Coronavirus has shown us that our futures are bound more tightly together than ever before.

And now it is spreading across the world’s poorest countries, putting people living in poverty at great risk.

These people are already facing a lack of water, food and healthcare. Some are homeless. Some are living with underlying health issues such as HIV.

As Coronavirus infection rates speed up, they will feel the impacts of the virus deeply. We must respond now.

Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all.

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Because the situation and guidance is constantly under review we are examining those guidelines as they are published and will attempt to keep you updated as to the situation regarding opening the church for worship and for lettings. At the moment, the church remains closed.

To check what you can and can't do under the latest guidelines please refer to the Government's website at Government's FAQ website.

Above all "Stay Safe". These are unprecedented and trying times but with God's help we will pull through.

Sunday service broadcasts

We may not be able to gather as we normally do, but we are still here if you need prayerful or practical support. for which you can contact us by email via support@martinway.org.uk

In these days of Coronavirus when churches all over the country are closed for public worship, the Revd Paul Timmis and the Revd Stephanie Nadarajah, both of Christ Church with St Philip, Worcester Park, Revd Emma Cusack of Ruxley and Stoneleigh and the Deacon Dawn Canham of the Lantern Methodist Church prepare services for broadcasting live on Facebook. Richard Graham also records services for Stoneleigh and Ruxley on YouTube and shares with the rest of the Circuit from time to time. His first Circuit wide service is on 2nd August 2020.

If you have trouble viewing the service live you need to go to the "Posts" page at or just before 10am and keep refreshing the screen until the service pops up and starts.

The Facebook links are as follows:

If you missed any, you can use the service links below to view them on their "Videos" page.

Service LinkOrder of ServiceReflection
06Sep2020OoS 06sep2020Reflection 06sep2020
30Aug2020OoS 30aug2020Reflection 30aug2020
23Aug2020OoS 23aug2020Reflection 23aug2020
16Aug2020OoS 16aug2020Reflection 16aug2020
02Aug2020 YouTubeOoS 02aug2020Within Service sheet
26Jul2020OoS 26Jul2020~~~
19Jul2020OoS 19Jul2020Reflection 19jul2020
12Jul2020OoS 12Jul2020Reflection 12jul2020
05Jul2020OoS 05Jul2020Reflection 05jul2020
28Jun2020 (2 videos)OoS 28jun2020Reflection 28jun2020
21Jun2020OoS 21jun2020Reflection 21jun2020
14Jun2020OoS 14jun2020Reflection 14jun2020
Trinity SundayOoS 07jun2020Reflection 07jun2020
PentecostOoS 31may2020Reflection 31may2020
24May2020OoS 24may2020Reflection 24may2020
17May2020OoS 17may2020Reflection 17may2020
10May2020OoS 10may2020Reflection 10may2020
03May2020OoS 03may2020Reflection 03may2020
26Apr2020OoS 26apr2020Reflection 26apr2020

Prayers during the Coronavirus Crisis...

For all whose day starts with anxiety, as they leave the security of home worrying about the risk of infection; particularly those whose health or age classifies them as vulnerable. Loving God, be close, keep them safe, along with all whose tasks today includes the care of frail and elderly. And for all of us, grant wisdom to make sensible choices, not just for ourselves, but for everybody.
We pray for this world’s leaders, with difficult decisions to make affecting the lives of so many. May they be guided not by any personal agenda, but work for the common good of all, that this world might be led to a better place, where trust and honesty are the values both sought and demonstrated in those we choose to lead us.

Lectionary - Year A

Week commencing 6th September 2020

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