The blush of the dawn is so relentless
driving into me it numbs all my senses,
Oh beauty of the heavens far above
You fill my heart with so much love,
Thus I turn my gaze up to this glorious sky
Watching all of these fluffy clouds passing by
Until finally the sun rises..

Paul's (or should it be Rebecca's) letter

To quote Paul "After the heaviness of last month’s letter, I thought I should give you all a month off for good behaviour. So, in the interest of respite, this month’s offering comes from Rebecca..."

Christian Care

Christian CARE is a charity working in the London Borough of Merton. They are a group of 40 volunteers from 16 different churches offering help to anyone whatever their race, colour or religion. Each year over 150 families, whose lives are in crisis, are supported. They are always in need of food, clothes and furniture, so please follow the link to their website for their latest requirements.
Several people from Martin Way volunteer for Christian Care. If you are interested please look at their Volunteers page and get in touch.

Faith in Action

By collecting harvest gifts, we continue to support Merton Faith in Action, who every Wednesday and Friday throughout the year, run the Merton Homeless Drop-in with the help of volunteers. On average about 65 homeless and vulnerably housed people attend each session. These are mainly men, and a few women, for whom little other help is available. As well as a warm and friendly welcome they can get a high-quality hot lunch, internet access and help with filling in on-line forms, and help with moving on. Learn more about this charity at the FiA website.

Room Hire and Availability

To see if a particular room is available for your event go to our Contact Us page where you can check before emailing your enquiry to our Booking Secretary. Alternatively, you can check by clicking Check availability.

Services for November 2019

Sunday 3rd 10:30 Richard Graham (Morning Worship)
Sunday 10th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday 17th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Cafe Worship)
Sunday 24th 10:30 Viv Newitt (Morning Worship)
  18:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)

Services for December 2019

Sunday 1st 10:30 Revd Paul Timmis (Gift Service)
Sunday 8th 10:30 Richard Graham (Morning Worship)
Sunday 15th 10:30 Revd Emma Aikins (Morning Worship)
  18:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday 24th 10:30 Revd Paul Timmis (Christingle)
  16:00 Brenda Cannon (Carol Service)
Tuesday 24th 10:30 Revd Paul Timmis (Christingle)
  23:30 Brenda Cannon (Midnight Communion)
Wednesday 25th 10:30 Revd Paul Timmis (Christmas Day)
Sunday 29th 10:30 Valerie Ashcroft (Morning Worship)

Can we help?

Please let us know if there is any way in which we can be of service to you by contacting us via the Contact us page. All communications will be treated in the strictist confidence.

Dementia Links

Do you know anyone who has dementia or is caring for someone suffering with dementia then you may find the organisation "Dementia Friends" helpful.

Dementia Friends is an organisation about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help.

The Merton Dementia Hub is a unique community based service for people with dementia, their family and carers.
Their address is:

67 Whitford Gardens
Mitcham CR4 4AA
Tel: 020 8687 0922